Saleccia Bleu Candle
Saleccia Bleu Candle
Saleccia Bleu Candle
Saleccia Bleu Candle

Saleccia Bleu Candle

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Inspired by the air in Saleccia beach in Corsica, France, it is known to be one of the places with the cleanest air. Escape to a beautiful, clean place where flowers bloom, the breeze rustles through green leaves and your cares melt away. Crisp musk, cotton blossoms, driftwood, and linden flowers blend to create the relaxing fragrances of crisp mountain air. 

Fragrance Notes: cotton blossom, linden flower, driftwood

Hand poured in Virginia and presented in a classic white box. We use phthalate free fragrance oils that are hand mixed in coconut and soy wax. Our wooden wicks give a nice subtle crackle for a relaxing auditory experience. Perfect as a gift or a beautiful addition to your home décor! Each candle burns for up to 180 hours. 

Net weight: 10.5 oz

Glass size: 3" x 3.25"

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top notes

cotton blossom

linden flower


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazing Candles

I’ve had the pleasure and joy to purchase several candles since the opening of Abeille Bliss and I must confess, these are by far the best and only candles I will proudly display at home, office, church and my various footprints! The quality of work, consistently and most of all professional products is what drives me to continue to pursue business! Most of all, the candles aren’t just candles, they are truly fragrances that make you stop and enjoy! I love your work!

April Bailey
Only candles I buy

Never disappointed quick shipping

My fave candle to date!

This candle smells like a spa! Talk about relaxation and luxury. Can’t take a vacation? Light, close your eyes, and imagine you’re on a massage table in Aruba!

Karissa Brown
Smells amazing!

I absolutely love it and the moment I took it out of the package, I could smell the fragrant scent. I bought several for my friends and family and they really enjoyed it.

So refreshing!

This scent is so refreshing and clean! Love burning it in my bathroom!