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Our Story

Our mission is to create the finest candles in the world while we seek to improve and innovate the art of candle making and maintain a commitment to high quality. You deserve the best. ❤️


Hi! My name is Irene and I started Abeille Bliss on March 6, 2019. However, I started brainstorming and learning more about entrepreneurship towards the end of 2018. I was working a job I loved but couldn't take the energy of others around me. (it was a very toxic environment!) I had two choices:

1. To push through and hope for the best.

2. To put faith in myself and go for the life I always dreamed of.

I had to choose 2 because if I didn't, I would've spiraled out of control. Not only that, my son did NOT do well in any type of before or after school care because he was overly emotional and did not know how to communicate well. (He was later diagnosed with Autism and adjustment disorder with depressed mood)

As a single mother of two, I had to do what was best for my kids and that was to create a financial freedom life for us. It's so funny how the Universe works once you set your mind up to do something.

Growing up, I was never a candle person although I loved perfumes, body oils and mists. My mom sold Avon as a side hustle so I always had some type of smell goods! Back in 2017, I went to a friend's house and it smelled so good! He had a candle burning in every room! The blend of scents made me feel as if I was in some expensive hotel somewhere overseas. I immediately got hooked so when my friend asked me to tag along to buy more candles, I agreed to go.

One day as I was burning my candle, something told me to research how candles were made. (I love learning and discovering how things are made! Remember that tv show, How It's Made? I probably seen every episode.) I was just starting out in my spiritual journey and wanted to start using products that were consciously made. 

After weeks of research and digging, I finally found the patent on a big brand's candles. What I found was shocking. They were using animal fat in their waxes along with some other toxic ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce! Then I remembered my friend telling me that he couldn't burn his candles for more than 30 minutes because they would give him headaches. It was because of all these toxic ingredients in the candles!

So I started to get to work and make my own candles with natural waxes and no toxic ingredients added that still smelled amazing and filled the entire room with beautiful scents. I made a few for some friends and family members and they couldn't believe how they could burn a candle all day with no headaches, still smelled strong and had a lot of wax left! I perfected my formula and made sure to stay committed to using high quality only. That's how Abeille Bliss was born! 

The name "Abeille Bliss" came to me in a dream I had. Abeille means "bee" in French (my subconscious mind knows I have a "thing" for French culture). When you read the company name in English, it means bee bliss. "Be" peace to yourself and to others. Love is what makes the world go 'round. 

So with that said, thank you for reading my story. I absolutely love helping others take better care of themselves while being in a clean environment that smells like you just stepped into an episode of Million Dollar Listing L.A. (LOVE that show)! Candles are so much more than something that just smells good. It can brighten someone's day when they have no hope in that moment, it can put you at ease and bring peace when you light it after a long day at work or make that room look good because your candle compliments your décor! We know you will love our candles just as much as we enjoy making them!