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Luxury is in the first line and longevity of the fragrance. It's in the sense of indulgence: To enjoy a moment; a mood, emotion or feeling.

It defines what is chosen as a thing to have, and adds value on top of beauty, as an offering to be cherished.

The power to create memorable fragrances is a rare gift. Graced with a highly individual vision and a constant drive for perfection, Abeille Bliss fuses classic perfumery with classic glassware to give your home an aura of sophistication.

We create our candles with natural high quality wax and crackling wooden wicks to provide you with the best candle experience.

An Upscale Experience in Every Burn

Our candles deliver room-filling fragrance worthy of your finest spaces. Made from the highest quality ingredients, the ultimate expression of luxury is yours in every burn.


Featured Fragrance

Saleccia Bleu

Inspired by the air in Saleccia beach in Corsica, France, it is known to be one of the places with the cleanest air. Escape to a beautiful, clean place where flowers bloom, the breeze rustles through green leaves and your cares melt away.

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Discover your new favorite with our Tealight Discovery Set.

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