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Candle Care

 Wooden wicks are amazing and provide a unique and pleasing experience. 


Do I need to trim my wick?

Yes! It is very important to trim your wick before the next burn to keep your candle from smoking and producing a large flame which can cause soot around the glass jar. Always remove any trimmed wood and debris from the candle to prevent it from possibly catching fire.


At what length should I keep my wick at?

Wooden wicks work differently than cotton wicks. Wooden wicks need to be trimmed as close to the wax as possible (about 1/8″) to burn properly. If the wick is too long, it may not be able to draw the wax and the result will be a poor flame.


How long should I burn my candle when I light it for the first time?

It is very important to allow your first burn to be about 3-4 hours so the melt pool can reach the edges of the jar. This determines the life of your candle and how well it performs. If you don’t allow a full melt pool to form, it can tunnel. And when you burn it again, it may continue to tunnel even when allowed to burn for a long period.

Can I burn my candle all the way down?

Please don't burn your candle if only 1/4" of wax remains. Lighting a candle with such a small amount of wax can overheat the jar and cause it break. 

Can I snuff the flame to put it out?

Yes, wooden wicks can be blown out or snuffed like any other candle.


Never leave your candle lit unattended or while sleeping. Never touch or move a candle while burning and never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Also, to protect your surfaces, place candle on a temperature safe surface to avoid heat damage. 


If you have any questions or concerns about your candle, please contact us at hello@abeillebliss.com