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Clean Paradise
Tony Jones
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The scent clean Paradise

My house smells so good when my clean paradise candle from Abeille Bliss is burning. The scent is amazing.

Clean Paradise
Tiffany McMullen
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Long Lasting!

Omg I just worked a 12 hour shift and my small clean paradise is still burning! I just knew it would burn out in a couple hours but nope, clocking out and it’s still burning!

Thank you Tiffany! We are so pleased that you love your Clean Paradise candle.

Kaye M
How You Heard About Us: Instagram

I love these candles so much. The thought of running out causes anxiety.

Thank you so much! We are working on subscriptions soon so you won't worry about running out. :-)

Room Fresheners
Amiee Kizior

I got orange blossom and vanilla cashmere and they smelled like an old ladies perfume, we all got a headache from them.

We apologize that you did not like your room sprays. If our customer's experience is not 100%, we will send a free replacement or give a refund. In this case, the customer chose a refund which we gave. We take pride in our customer service and want to make sure that the customer has a great experience!

Lavender Vanilla
Linda R.
Relaxing candle!

I found this company while searching for a lavender candle. Sometimes it can be hard to buy candles online without knowing what it smells like. I am so happy that this candle turned out great. I will be ordering more candles soon.

Room Fresheners
Malissa E.
Sprays for my car

I use sea salt and orchid in my car and it smells AMAZING! Lasts a long time and doesn't damage my interior. I always keep one in my car!

Sugared Lemon
Robert U.
Cannot go wrong with this one

Oh wow, this candle smells great! I don't think I have smelled a better lemon candle. Great quality candle.

Tropical Rum
Kathy L.
Smells great and burns all the way down.

I love Tropical Rum. It is not too overwhelming and has a perfect blend of fruits.

smells amazing!

This candle smells amazing! It has a musk, woody scent that I love! I will definitely buy this one again!

Black Amber & Lavender
Adria G.
Waiting for it to restock

This candle is so relaxing. I am waiting for this candle to come back in stock!

Rosanna S.
Best candles

I love these candles. Fills up my entire home with great scents.

Cherilyn I.
You must try it!

This candle is worth every single penny of mine. It is AMAZING! If you love fruit scented candles, this one will not disappoint!

Hazel H.
One of my favorites

Not your average scent. Love it!

received as a sample

I received this spray as a sample with my order and had to order a full size bottle! It smells so fresh and clean. The mix of lavender and sage is amazing!

Vanilla Cashmere
Hazel H.

I was given this candle as a birthday gift and I love it! I will be ordering more very soon! Do you have a subscription option?

We have this on our list of coming soon! Please make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter so you will be the first to know.

Sugared Lemon
Jane P.
Ordered for myself

I ordered this one for myself and spiced birch wood for my husband and both smell wonderful. We love them!

Ordered as a gift

I purchased spiced birch wood for my husband and he loved it.

Smells Amazing

I bought this one and Lavender Vanilla and love them both.

Lavender Vanilla
Faye W.
Phenomenal Candle

I collect candles and normally order from Jo Malone and Voluspa. I was so surprised that I actually liked these candles more! My cousin had one burning in her home and I had to try one for myself. I am so glad I did! My new favorite candles.

Wax Melt Bars
Manuela F.
Amazing wax melts!

I couldn't ask for any better wax melts. These are a great size and last me almost 2 weeks! I don't know they do it but they last soooooo long!

Wax Melt Bars
Helen D.
Great Melts!

I ordered every scent and love every single one of them! Great customer service and overall an awesome company.

Almond & Honey
Angela G.
A great candle

I gave this to my sister as a gift and she loved it! I’m going to order one for myself and my mom today!

Demi C.
Best candle ever

My friend gave me this candle as a gift and she has now became the best friend ever! I can't believe how much it smells just like strawberries. I burn it in my kitchen and my kids always ask if there are strawberries around. LOL! Definitely recommend it to anyone!

Raw Sugar Mandarin
Courtney T.
The best!

I can't believe how much it smells like mandarins! You can also smell the sugar. What a great candle!

thank you!

thank you for bringing this scent back. It is my favorite!