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Amelia Candle
Keira Avila
Family favorite

I originally ordered this candle this summer because I have a young daughter named Amelia. She was tickled they named a candle after her. (She’s 5). Since then I have ordered 3 more and even gave some as a Christmas gift. Our whole family loves this fresh smell. Please sell it forever.

Tealight Discovery Set
Enovis Gonzalez
Very fine scented tealight set.

This tealight discovery set is amazing. All the scents smell so good that make me buy the candles. I am highly satisfied, the candles look elegant and sophisticate and have an unique aroma that last longer than any other candles even when they aren't lighted. Thank you Abeille Bliss!!! You are going to have me as a permanent customer!!!

Amazing Candles

I’ve had the pleasure and joy to purchase several candles since the opening of Abeille Bliss and I must confess, these are by far the best and only candles I will proudly display at home, office, church and my various footprints! The quality of work, consistently and most of all professional products is what drives me to continue to pursue business! Most of all, the candles aren’t just candles, they are truly fragrances that make you stop and enjoy! I love your work!

Limón Candle
Lemon Starburst

This candle reminds me of a sweet lemon candy. The perfect balance of citrus and sweet. I burn this daily in my kitchen and although it's very fragrant, it's not overwhelming. These candles are perfect for people who are sensitive to smells but enjoy a good candle.


I just can't get enough <3 thank you

Dolce' Sapori Candle
April Bailey
Such a lovely scent

One of my favorite scents

Saleccia Bleu Candle
April Bailey
Only candles I buy

Never disappointed quick shipping

My fave candle to date!

This candle smells like a spa! Talk about relaxation and luxury. Can’t take a vacation? Light, close your eyes, and imagine you’re on a massage table in Aruba!

Smells like the island

I love the smell of a tropical island without boarding a plane.

Lovely scent

Amazing candle! I Iove anything lemon scented and this candle smells so good and delicious!

great gifts!

I would highly recommend this company, the candles are gorgeous, long lasting and a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Saleccia Bleu Candle
Karissa Brown
Smells amazing!

I absolutely love it and the moment I took it out of the package, I could smell the fragrant scent. I bought several for my friends and family and they really enjoyed it.

Nador Candle
Karissa Brown

This candle gives off a beautiful light and is a great addition to any room. I bought three of these candles, one for each bathroom and my living room. Leaves the house smelling so good without being overpowering.

tropical vacation in my home!

The smell of this candle is incredible. I burned it in my bedroom and the entire upstairs smelled like a tropical vacation.

Smells just like jasmine!

It is a wonderful smell and it burns so nicely. I just love to burn candles and this one is my favorite.

Tropical Rum

This candle smells amazing! I've had it burning for a few days now and it's not too strong and not too soft, just perfect. The scent is just like the name, tropical. I can definitely smell the orange which is my favorite part of this candle. Also, I got this in the mail in a very timely manner and everything was packaged nicely.

It's amazing!

The candle was shipped fast, and the smell is soooooo good!! I bought it for a friend as a gift, but now I'm tempted to keep it for myself!

Dolce sapori candle

What a perfect scent! It's a very sexy subtle scent. I think this one is my go to now!

Sicilian rouge orange candle

Love this scent! Not overpowering at all and smells just like oranges with a bit of spice.

Amelia Candle
Tania R.
Amelia candle

Beautiful candle!


Oh my goodness! This candle is my NEW favorite! I never smelled such a candle that smells so fruity!

So refreshing!

This scent is so refreshing and clean! Love burning it in my bathroom!

Divine scent

In love with this scent and this candle. I'm so happy to buy more very soon!

Nador Candle
Kathy B.
love this candle!

This candle smells amazing and it is strong.


If you love floral scents, this is the one for you!!