Abeille Bliss is a high end candle brand that was founded in 2019 by latina entrepreneur Irene Colón. The brand was created for candle connoisseurs who appreciate the art and creativity of candle making and fragrances. Our parfum candles are available in classic glassware to give your home an aura of sophistication. She uses her knowledge and expertise to continue to find ways to improve and innovate the art of candle making and maintain a commitment to high quality.

What is my story?

My name is Irene Colón but some know me as Foxy Gemme. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I am a mother of two and love exploring different cultures, fragrances and fashion. My ethnic background is Spanish (my parents were born and raised in Dominican Republic) and I can literally eat rice and beans all day!

So it all started in 2018. Working a 9-5 job was tiring and stressful. Along with being an empath and a carefree person, the corporate world just wasn't for me. I wanted more for myself and my kids. I just knew I was meant to become an entrepreneur. With the support of my family and the faith within myself, I finally quit my job and knew that bigger things were coming. With no guaranteed income coming in, I still believed that something greater was in the works for me.

One particular day, I was burning a candle and had a curiosity to research on what ingredients were in this candle. What I discovered was that these ingredients were not healthy to the environment or our health. After many hours of reading about candle making, I decided that I would build my own business making candles that were healthier to burn and also appealing to the eye.

I spent days coming up with names for my business but with no success. One night in a dream, the name came to me. Abeille Bliss was perfect and my business was officially born!

Abeille is the French word for bee. I am all about peace (my full name literally means "peace" and "dove") so when you read the name in English, it states "bee bliss." I want to always remind you to bring peace to yourself and to others and to always put love first.

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