Strawberry Candle
Strawberry Candle
Strawberry Candle
Strawberry Candle

Strawberry Candle

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There is bliss in walking through a strawberry farm and picking out fresh, red, juicy strawberries. Inspired by Mahabaleshwar strawberries that are grown in the Western Ghats of India, it's a beautiful blend of sweetness and ripe berries that fills the air with fresh fruitiness. 

Fragrance Notes: sugar, ripe strawberry, light musk

Hand poured in Virginia and presented in a classic white box. We use phthalate free fragrance oils that are hand mixed in coconut and soy wax. Our wooden wicks give a nice subtle crackle for a relaxing auditory experience. Perfect as a gift or a beautiful addition to your home décor! Each candle burns for up to 180 hours. 

Net weight: 10.5 oz

Glass size: 3" x 3.25"

Not sure how to take care of your candle? Learn more here

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light musk

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Meredith K.
Spring in the winter!

When you want to remember Spring, you get this strawberry candle!

A birthday gift for my daughter.

I bought this for my daughter but was the first one to open the package. I love it and am going to order one for me. The scent is amazing and I will buy more in the future.

Judy D.
We love it!

This is the most incredible candle ever! My husband and I are not strawberry fans but we both love this candle. It is so strong that I can smell it throughout my house!

Angie A.
My fav!

I burned a lot of candles, but this one is by far my favorite! The fragrance is strong and it fills up a room quickly. It's not too fruity or sweet, just the perfect balance. I like that it does not leave black soot all over the inside of the glass jar. I will continue to buy this candle again and again.

Sophie Garcia
strawberry scent

I love the fresh strawberry scent of the candle and the beautiful glass jar.