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How Strong Do Our Candles Smell?

Each of our candles have a slightly different fragrance strength so we wanted to talk about how to maximize your experience with your candle!

We currently offer two sizes - 7 oz and 14 oz. 

Our 7 oz candles would provide a better fragrance experience in smaller rooms like a small bathroom or office. 

Our 14 oz candles fill most medium sized rooms. 

Our Ingredients

We use ingredients that are more natural than what you buy at the big stores. This means we use less harsh chemicals and high quality natural fragrances. These aren't meant to be so powerful and strong like the big stores. 

Most candles in the big stores give people headaches so they stop burning candles even though they love them. We wanted to give our customers a chance to love candles again without having to worry about feeling sick or dizzy. 

We use the recommended fragrance percentage amount for our wax. More fragrance oil doesn't mean a stronger candle. It can cause a clog around the wick, a bigger flame and is simply dangerous and flammable. 

Be mindful of where you place your candle. A well ventilated room will allow the fragrance of the candle to flow better than a stagnant room. There have been a few times where I was relaxing in bed and couldn’t smell my candle, but then someone walked by and suddenly it was strong! If you are trying to smell your candle better, do not lean directly over the flame to smell it because that won’t work. Instead, go near it, and try to drift the air towards you with your hands from a safe distance.

Everyone's nose is unique. What may be a light fragrance to you may be too strong for someone else. We are working on updating our product pages with the fragrance strength as well as bigger candles for larger rooms! We hope this helps and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@abeillebliss.com.